The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Nominations

A couple of days ago, I was nominated by Andy Mulberry from Something Smells Fishy Here for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. When I received her message, I had to read it over and over again to make sure I got it right, even though it was pretty straight forward. So, a HUGE thank you to Andy for the nomination! It means so much to me when someone, somewhere, finds what I do worthy of recognition. And coming from a great writer like Andy, I couldn’t help but do a little dance of joy.


Andy is a working mom by day and a writer by night. I had the pleasure of connecting with Andy through another blog, where we discussed ingenious ways of promoting picture books through diapers (it can be done!). You can find her wonderful books on Amazon. And be sure to check out her amazing blog!

The award rules are:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers, link to them, and notify them about their nominations

So, here are seven pretty random things about me:

  1. I am an excellent singer. Idol material. A STAR! But only in the shower.
  2. I enjoy watching my kids when they don’t know I’m looking; studying their little faces and the way they move, taking them in. I am so in love with them (obviously).
  3. I have about 300 books on my reading list. I’m hoping I’ll be able to dive in as soon as the little one goes off to college. He’s 20 months old.
  4. I love food. I love to eat. I enjoy eating with complete disregard for calories and am convinced that holiday food contains zero calories.
  5. I also happened to have a Master’s degree in Nutrition.
  6. If I could get away with it, I would wear jeans and a t-shirt every day and everywhere (and I do most of the time).
  7. I love arts and crafts. Always have. Partly because I enjoy creating, but mostly because they help me stop thinking.

Here are my nominations; 15 incredible blogs and bloggers who have touched and inspired me in different ways.

  1. Happy Sensitive Kids by Amanda van Mulligen, a wonderful lady who writes from her heart.
  2. Highly Sensitive Child & Highly Sensitive Souls by Brenda Dronkers, a beautiful, successful, sensitive woman who has touched the lives of many.
  3. Surviving a Sleep Thief by Emily-Jane Clark, a hilarious blogger who also inspires many through her survivor stories.
  4. Journeys of the Fabulist by Bronwyn Joy, a gifted writer who inspires me to be more adventurous (and does an amazing job at cracking me up).
  5. Sheep Dressed Like Wolves by Andy Mort, creator of the Haven, a wonderful place where Highly Sensitive People and Introverts can be themselves and find the love and support they need.
  6. Catching Crawfish by Chelsi, mom of three boys, sharing beautiful stories of her adventures.
  7. Titanimom by Jennifer Scheidt, an incredible woman who shares her experiences about foster parenting. I have cried on several occasions reading her stories.
  8. Big Trouble in Little Nappies by Yvette Lamb. I have found myself reading Yvette’s brilliant posts over and over again. Some have even made it to my fridge.
  9. Dirty Rotten Parenting by Robin. This blog was voted second funniest blog in Canada, and it’s very easy to see why!
  10. Mom Life Now by Sasha Douglas, a talented blogger who always succeeds at making me feel less alone.
  11. Wine and Cheese Doodles, simply wonderful.
  12. Mom Upside Down by Courtney and Nathalie, two moms who left their jobs to stay home with the kiddoes.
  13. Free But Fun by a super-mom in Helsinki, loaded with great, simple ideas to have fun with the family.
  14. This is Motherhood by Britta who does a fantastic job at writing a lovely (and very helpful) parenting blog.
  15. Sand in my Toes by Tarana Khan, a mom based in Dubai who shares amazing tips about blogging, parenting, crafts, and much more!

There are so many more blogs I enjoy, but alas I had to narrow it down to 15. What are your favorite blogs?

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The different forms of creativity

The Different Forms of Creativitiy - The Highly Sensitive Child and Creativity

While reading about other Highly Sensitive Children in online forums and other blogs, I very often find moms and dads who talk about how creative their children are; how they love to draw and paint; how good they are with building blocks; how they can make incredible works of art out of almost nothing. And every time I read these wonderful stories of other kids, it made me observe mine all the more closely.

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One Boy, Five Birthdays

No matter how hard I try – and I have tried, very, very hard – I can’t seem to remember how exactly I found out about Elaine Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Child. But I will never forget the words that led me to check it out.

My child hates birthday parties,  said someone on the internet.

What? A child, other than mine, hates birthday parties? I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I read it over and over again assuming I may have misunderstood. But I hadn’t. There it was, a real comment from a real mother of a child who hated parties. Continue reading

SURVIVOR STORIES: Changing The World (Or Believing That You Can) On Two Hours Sleep A Night

I discovered Emily-Jane’s blog, Surviving a Sleep Thief, a few months ago, and it has been one of my favorite blogs ever since. Emily-Jane’s writing is incredible, her stories inspiring, and her take on something as horrible as chronic sleep deprivation absolutely hilarious!

So imagine my surprise when I found an email from her in my inbox asking me – ME! – to contribute with my survivor story! It felt like Christmas and a promotion at the same time: I had made it to the Sleep Survivor Hall of Fame!
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It’s what kids do: The Highly Sensitive Child and disappointment

It's what kids do - The Highly Sensitive Child and disappointment

I have a confession to make. I got mad at my five year old because he failed to properly rip a piece of paper.

On the occasion of the Saint Martin’s Day celebrations this year, I volunteered to make lanterns with the children in my son’s class. Being a lover of crafts, I got busy looking up lantern-making tutorials that would be easy enough for the kids to make, yet fun and as creative as can be when making something with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds in under 30 minutes. After what seemed to be hours of searching online, I finally found the perfect one.

Or at least I thought it was.
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5 Outdoor activities our Highly Sensitive Child loves

A few years ago, when my 5 year old was just an infant, I didn’t know many things. I knew some, but not many. One of the things I was sure of from the very beginning was the fact that my baby loved being outside. Whenever he got restless and cranky after I had tried everything to comfort him, taking him outside for some fresh air always did the trick.

Another thing I was certain of was that my son didn’t like to be around too many people at once, and he became inconsolable if there was too much noise where we were.

To make matters worse, for the first 3 years of his life, we lived in a country where parks were extremely scarce and public green spaces virtually did not exist. The infrastructure did not support biking, or even walking, let alone with a stroller. Sidewalks were difficult to find, and if you did find them, you’d either have trees sticking out right the middle or more typically, cars parked along the whole stretch.

So what do you do with a small child who needs to get out and can’t stand noise and crowds, when the only kid-friendly places we could go to were malls and indoor playgrounds? I’ll never forget how my son fought and cried when he realized we were about to walk into a mall. He always enjoyed spending time in the parking lot watching cars go by that he did the actual mall.
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Facing fear to enjoy the thrill of life

Dr. Elaine Aron recently wrote about her experience white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. In a beautiful post, she tells the world about how this experience was both incredible, and incredibly scary. She shares with us the fears she had to face on this trip, and not just the fear of the risks that come with white water rafting, but also the social fear of spending 13 days with a bunch of people who are nothing like you, who might make you feel like you don’t belong there, and who wear t-shirts that say things like “The best things in life are dangerous”. While reading about her experience facing her fear to enjoy the thrill of life, I got to thinking about my own fears.
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Even before Google, my mother knew

Being Highly Sensitive isn’t easy. Being Highly Sensitive and not knowing it is even less easy.

I didn’t always know what I was, or why I was the way I was. But there was a time when I wished I wasn’t.

I only discovered Dr. Elaine Aron and her work about a year ago. That was when it became clear to me why my son behaved the way he did. And through my discovery and my new understanding of my son, I realized that I was also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), which explained why I felt the way I did growing up.
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Why we travel with a sensitive child, by guest blogger Bronwyn Joy

For those of you who missed this incredible post by my lovely guest, Bronwyn Joy from Journeys of the Fabulist.


No one ever said traveling with young children was easy. And anyone with a Highly Sensitive Child can tell you that doing anything that requires leaving the house, be it flying to Italy or going to the supermarket for eggs, can be a challenge. We try to do everything in our power to make our trips, short and long, as easy and comfortable as can be. My bottomless “Mary Poppins” diaper bag (which only contains two diapers) will be filled with anything we might need: sweet snacks have to come in the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla variety and salty snacks in cheddar and original to satisfy any craving that might come our way; an extra change of clothes in case ours get dirty or worse, wet; a specific water bottle with water at a specific temperature; some favorite toys; some favorite books; and a fully charged phone in case of a public meltdown nothing in the diaper bag will stop but an episode of Tayo the Little Bus.
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If we were having coffee – A blog linkup

Last week, I read a wonderful post titled If We Were Having Coffee. It was written by Suzie81 Speaks, a fantastic blogger. It was nice to feel like I was actually sitting with someone for coffee, and to hear about all the things they had to say. It felt so natural, so friendly. I loved it so much that Suzie, being as lovely as she is, told me about the let’s-have-coffee-together weekend blog linkup, of which Gene’O is the founder and host.

I thought I’d take this wonderful opportunity to pour my heart out, meet some amazing new bloggers, and have some coffee.

So here goes.

If we were having coffee…
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