Here are some great online resources for parents of Highly Sensitive Children and for Highly Sensitive People I have had the pleasure of discovering, from blogs to private online communities.

Fantastic Blogs:

For stories and insights on parenting a Highly Sensitive Child:

Happy Sensitive Kids by Amanda van Mulligen

For the severely sleep deprived:

Surviving a Sleep Thief by Emily-Jane Clark

For the sensitive homeschooler:

The Highly Sensitive Homeschooler by Amy Grasso

Online Communities:

For parents of Highly Sensitive Children (and Highly Sensitive Parents):

Happy Sensitive Kids (private Facebook group) run by Amanda van Mulligen

Highly Sensitive Children – Closed Group for Parents (private Facebook group) run by Brenda Dronkers

Highly Sensitive Parents  (private Facebook group) run by Karin Monster-Peters

Highly Sensitive Children (public Facebook group) run by Brenda Dronkers

My Highly Sensitive Child (public Facebook group) run by Jamie Williamson

HSC Book (private Yahoo group)

For Highly Sensitive People:

Sheep Dressed Like Wolves (private group) run by Andy Mort


The Highly Sensitive Person (Dr. Elaine Aron)

Dr Ted Zeff

Raising Wonder Boy, a site for parents of highly sensitive boys who are looking for positive suggestions of media for their sons to enjoy


– Discover if your child may be Highly Sensitive here.

– Discover if you are a Highly Sensitive Person here.

– Discover if you are a Sensation Seeker here.

If you have any more useful resources regarding High Sensitivity, please do let me know.This page will be updated regularly.

4 thoughts on “e-Resources

  1. Emily-Jane

    This is a great idea! It is always good when someone else finds all the useful stuff for you! I have heard from a few parents with HSP kids lately so will send them this wa. And flattered by the mention! X

    1. Leila Boukarim Post author

      I thoroughly enjoy your blog Emily-Jane, and it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself!

      Thanks for sharing this page with you might think would benefit from it! I will keep updating it whenever I find more helpful links!

  2. Lisa Natcharian

    Hi Leila! Thought you might be interested in my new website celebrating sensitive boys: Raising WonderBoy (www.RaisingWonderBoy.com). We’re trying to fill a hole in the market for parents who are looking for positive suggestions of media for their boys to enjoy. Our site features lists of books (including yours!), movies and toys that inspire (not upset) sensitive boys, along with educational information for their parents about what makes sensitive boys tick, and why their sensitivity is actually a superpower (hence the WonderBoy)! We’re here to teach sensitive boys how special they are 🙂

    We’d love to be added to your e-Resource list!


    1. Leila Boukarim Post author

      This is wonderful Lisa. I love what you’re doing! There certainly is a need for more resources for HSC, and especially sensitive boys. I will add your website to our e-resources. Thank you so much for including my books! I truly hope you found them helpful.


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